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Пока жж лежжал, мне его очень не хватало. И всё время хотелось написать об этой нехватке именно в жж.
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Why isn't this ripping across the web like the Tiger Mom thing? It was posted over a week ago, and I only just saw it. One of the author's credentials is that she writes for Mad Men, scoring her some points as a keen observer of human behavior.

I think her piece makes some excellent points. Personally, I am very partial to #2: you have to pick the right guy. But most of everything else is true, too. Except for #1: angry b*tches manage to get married all the time - usually to men who had previously trampled over some nice, clueless women. (Oh God, I am so judgemental. What the heck do I know, anyway? It's not like I had to weed through tons of unsuitable males to find THE ONE. I lucked out at 18!) Also, #6 doesn't have to hold. If all women who struggled with self-worth couldn't get married, that would leave, oh, about 10% of women available for matrimony.
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This is what Maya asked us today, as she was snacking on some cheese: "Why are we, humans/people (люди) here on Earth?" To cover my shock, I first tried finding out why she was asking. She just said that it occurred to her, that's all. Now I guess this was one of those instances where it helps to be religious. "God made us in his image and put us here". There, all done. I guess she might then ask, "Who is God?" but then you give some standard answer that goes with your particular religion and that's been drilled into you since childhood. Instead, we ended up talking incoherently about apes learning to use tools and domesticating animals many, many thousands of years ago. Yikes.
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This isn't a question regarding a course of action, it's more like a general question about attitude. Here's the back story. )

So, dear pet owners, please enlighten me with your perspective. Is it like losing a family member? And if it is, is it still compatible with getting a new one for Christmas?


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