Mar. 29th, 2011 03:59 pm
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scimommy: (Mad men beehive)
Why isn't this ripping across the web like the Tiger Mom thing? It was posted over a week ago, and I only just saw it. One of the author's credentials is that she writes for Mad Men, scoring her some points as a keen observer of human behavior.

I think her piece makes some excellent points. Personally, I am very partial to #2: you have to pick the right guy. But most of everything else is true, too. Except for #1: angry b*tches manage to get married all the time - usually to men who had previously trampled over some nice, clueless women. (Oh God, I am so judgemental. What the heck do I know, anyway? It's not like I had to weed through tons of unsuitable males to find THE ONE. I lucked out at 18!) Also, #6 doesn't have to hold. If all women who struggled with self-worth couldn't get married, that would leave, oh, about 10% of women available for matrimony.
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God, how I love Mad Men! I wish I had someone to watch with, so that all of my oohs and aahs and deep thoughts spoken out loud during the episode could be directed at a live person instead of into thin air.

Although, come to think of it, maybe this is for the best - watching MM with me could be pretty annoying.

And I wish I could write up an episode recap or something to summarize all my conclusions, but there are too many themes and issues and it would take too long... So I end up reading other people's recaps instead.

Ok, just a couple quick comments on the latest ep. One: a Don voiceover?! I could get used to that. Two: I was happy he did show up to the birthday party. And then Betty was acting like a mature adult for once? And looking wistfully at Don with the baby? I almost cried. Hmm, somehow all of my crying during MM (twice so far) comes courtesy of Betty. The first one was when she glammed up and broke into Italian during their quick trip to Rome. I wonder why that is.
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Since ranting to Lev about how wonderful it was clearly was not enough (maybe because my voice is gone and I was ranting in a whisper???), I'll rant here some more. Some random points:

"Very good. Happy Christmas!" I think I'll just say that at random moments. I'll definitely think it at random moments. Ha-ha! That was hysterical. I love how Lane Price's dissatisfaction with his bosses back in the UK was growing throughout the season and finally culminated in his defection.

When Roger said he'd make a phone call, I knew he was calling Joan! Yessss!!!

Um, what else? Oh, yeah, those poor kids. But they were screwed no matter what. That family was not getting a happy ending under any circumstances. God, divorce is horrible. Thank God I was too young to remember much of it (although what I do remember is bad enough).

Contrary to my predictions, no Sal in the finale. I hope they find him next season and try to bring him back to SCDP. Of course, American Tabacco is their *biggest* client, so that could create major problems.

Ok, the bad news is that now we settle into 8 or so months of waiting for the next season.The good news is that I can now go to bed at 10 pm on Sundays. Very good. Happy Christmas!


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