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Why isn't this ripping across the web like the Tiger Mom thing? It was posted over a week ago, and I only just saw it. One of the author's credentials is that she writes for Mad Men, scoring her some points as a keen observer of human behavior.

I think her piece makes some excellent points. Personally, I am very partial to #2: you have to pick the right guy. But most of everything else is true, too. Except for #1: angry b*tches manage to get married all the time - usually to men who had previously trampled over some nice, clueless women. (Oh God, I am so judgemental. What the heck do I know, anyway? It's not like I had to weed through tons of unsuitable males to find THE ONE. I lucked out at 18!) Also, #6 doesn't have to hold. If all women who struggled with self-worth couldn't get married, that would leave, oh, about 10% of women available for matrimony.

15 years

Feb. 1st, 2010 10:08 pm
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On January 19th, 1995 (!!!), I wrote Lev our very first email and we started our correspondence. The rest, as they say, is history. I just asked him to dig up those early emails from his archives, which he did. We are reading over them and laughing at ourselves. I was pretty bubbly, rambling about classes, midterms, papers, and dorm life. He was very serious, confidently talking about eventually getting an academic job. We talked about our families and experiences. There was quite a lot of personal stuff in those emails, actually.

This I found very cute. I guess I would end my emails with "I hope to hear from you". I'm not sure I meant it literally as much as just using it as a nice expression, although probably to a certain extent I did. Eventually, he replied "There is no need to end all the letters with this, - the response is guaranteed." All together now - awww!


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