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I'm not a royal watcher or anything, but it's all over the news, so... Prince William apparently proposed to his longtime girlfriend. Ok, fine. My question is, why would he give her his mother's engagement ring? Because that marriage worked out sooo well. Seriously, go into the family vault and fish something else out - something with better history.
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God, how I love Mad Men! I wish I had someone to watch with, so that all of my oohs and aahs and deep thoughts spoken out loud during the episode could be directed at a live person instead of into thin air.

Although, come to think of it, maybe this is for the best - watching MM with me could be pretty annoying.

And I wish I could write up an episode recap or something to summarize all my conclusions, but there are too many themes and issues and it would take too long... So I end up reading other people's recaps instead.

Ok, just a couple quick comments on the latest ep. One: a Don voiceover?! I could get used to that. Two: I was happy he did show up to the birthday party. And then Betty was acting like a mature adult for once? And looking wistfully at Don with the baby? I almost cried. Hmm, somehow all of my crying during MM (twice so far) comes courtesy of Betty. The first one was when she glammed up and broke into Italian during their quick trip to Rome. I wonder why that is.
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Время действия - пять минут назад. Сижу на работе, звонит телефон. Я поднимаю трубку и, как полагается, по-английски отвечаю. Мне в ответ энергичный и совершенно мне незнакомый женский голос: "Привет! Как там твои дела?" Да, по-русски. Я слегка, это, удивляюсь, и ничего лучшего, чем "А это кто?" в ответ придумать не могу. Она, похоже, удивляется ещё сильнее меня, потому что переходит на английский! Сорри, говорит, пробабли ронг намбер!

Да, наверно таки ронг.
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Мы сейчас у родственников на Long Island. Двоюродный племянник (16 лет) сел смотреть старого Бэтмэна (тот, который 1992-го года, с Michael Keaton и Michelle Pfeiffer). Моя мама и тётя Льва почему-то тоже подсели смотреть. Мы сидим в стороне и играем в Scrabble. После пятнадцати минут стрельбы, бардака, хаоса, и т. д. слышу следующий диалог. Мама: "Ничего не понимаю. Что происходит? Вы понимаете?" Тётя: "Нет, я тоже ничего не понимаю. Мишенька, ты понимаешь, что там происходит?" Мишенька: "Так ещё же ничего не произошло."
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A few days ago I was telling someone about my work (that someone was Katya, btw, who I met on LJ and whose family it was really nice to meet in RL) and casually mentioned that because I have worked with budding yeast for such a long time, I can make any mutant I want. Yep, never not been able to make a mutant. Just like that. I didn't think I was bragging, just stating fact. Well, guess what? No sooner did I say this, than I failed to integrate a certain mutation. Thus, I am publicly stating that it is possible for me to fail in making a yeast mutant.

Now, can it work, please???


May. 5th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Прочитала у bagira про вот это, и теперь состояние совершенно подавленное. То есть, оно, наверно, и до этого было подавленным, но стало совсем херово. И комменты там тоже... Большинство, конечно, более или менее адекватные, но некоторые! Как говорила в далёкой (моей) молодости одна совсем немолодая родственница, "Люди - звери". И, как говорил в не такой далёкой молодости один однокурсник, "Humans are scary people". Это и так ясно, но всё же...
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Hate this day. Am feeling more and more paranoid about everything I read or hear. Can it be April 2nd already?
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... strikes again: Kate Winslet is separated from her husband. I really thought, if anyone could be safe from the curse, it would be her. I mean, her husband is Sam Mendes, the director of American Beauty and other renowned films. He has had a brilliant career, he is a director, not an actor, so they are not "competing" professionally. Is no one safe?! Ok, I give Sandra Bullock's marriage two years, tops. How sad.
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Believe the hype. We were without power for about 12 hours yesterday. Trees were falling all over the place, including a huge pine onto our neighbors' parked (and empty) car. Thank God we have a gas stove: we didn't have to go anywhere for dinner and we were using it to keep the house warm until we went to bed.

Funny link

Mar. 1st, 2010 09:17 pm
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I am too lazy to have a "girls only" group, so I'll just say this. Gentlemen, this is not going to be of interest to you. Ladies, this is hysterically funny. I laughed so hard, I cried.


Feb. 25th, 2010 09:53 pm
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Tonight Maya beat Lev at Set (which is a really fun game, by the way). She had 13 sets and he had 12. In related news, I am too concerned about my kids' achievements. They have to be brilliant at something or else I will feel like a failure. Somebody help me see the light.

15 years

Feb. 1st, 2010 10:08 pm
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On January 19th, 1995 (!!!), I wrote Lev our very first email and we started our correspondence. The rest, as they say, is history. I just asked him to dig up those early emails from his archives, which he did. We are reading over them and laughing at ourselves. I was pretty bubbly, rambling about classes, midterms, papers, and dorm life. He was very serious, confidently talking about eventually getting an academic job. We talked about our families and experiences. There was quite a lot of personal stuff in those emails, actually.

This I found very cute. I guess I would end my emails with "I hope to hear from you". I'm not sure I meant it literally as much as just using it as a nice expression, although probably to a certain extent I did. Eventually, he replied "There is no need to end all the letters with this, - the response is guaranteed." All together now - awww!
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Had a dream last night that had "work-related anxieties" written all over it. In it, I have to have a meeting with some big shot Princeton professors who are going to evaluate my progress. First, I keep getting side-tracked on the way there, so I am (almost?) late. Second, as we are all sitting there and reading the report I have supposedly prepared (but do not remember preparing), I am wondering in mild horror why I have apparently been studying the differences between salmon and turkey sandwiches. They seem puzzled, too. I try to explain how it originated from my interest in metabolism and how it will eventually lead to understanding of some legitimate biological questions, but I'm making no sense. I think this was the point when I woke up, completely freaked out. Lovely, huh?
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Just had to share.

Friends with photographic know-how will probably understand how the original camera worked, as well as the process of color restoration, better than I ever could, but I think I get the gist of it. The results are brain-warping. I cannot believe I am looking at images from 100 years ago. They look so... real. And I guess they were.
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This is what Maya asked us today, as she was snacking on some cheese: "Why are we, humans/people (люди) here on Earth?" To cover my shock, I first tried finding out why she was asking. She just said that it occurred to her, that's all. Now I guess this was one of those instances where it helps to be religious. "God made us in his image and put us here". There, all done. I guess she might then ask, "Who is God?" but then you give some standard answer that goes with your particular religion and that's been drilled into you since childhood. Instead, we ended up talking incoherently about apes learning to use tools and domesticating animals many, many thousands of years ago. Yikes.
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This isn't a question regarding a course of action, it's more like a general question about attitude. Here's the back story. )

So, dear pet owners, please enlighten me with your perspective. Is it like losing a family member? And if it is, is it still compatible with getting a new one for Christmas?
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I don't think any women who read this even touch 6 feet (except Polina, maybe?), but I gotta rave anyway. I've been buying tall sizes at The Gap online and loving them. I think they are going to take over my closet soon. I am so used to settling for things that don't fit quite right: pants of a nondescript fit that are *almost* long enough, shirts that ride up and need to be adjusted constantly. Well, not any more! I now own 5 pairs of pants bought at the Gap online store, and they are really, truly long. Heck, one of them is even too long but I am not adjusting it because I am enjoying this new feeling. Plus, the fit is actually feminine and flattering. Of course, The Gap has figured out that I am hooked and keeps sending me coupons. Which I keep using. And using. And using...
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Since ranting to Lev about how wonderful it was clearly was not enough (maybe because my voice is gone and I was ranting in a whisper???), I'll rant here some more. Some random points:

"Very good. Happy Christmas!" I think I'll just say that at random moments. I'll definitely think it at random moments. Ha-ha! That was hysterical. I love how Lane Price's dissatisfaction with his bosses back in the UK was growing throughout the season and finally culminated in his defection.

When Roger said he'd make a phone call, I knew he was calling Joan! Yessss!!!

Um, what else? Oh, yeah, those poor kids. But they were screwed no matter what. That family was not getting a happy ending under any circumstances. God, divorce is horrible. Thank God I was too young to remember much of it (although what I do remember is bad enough).

Contrary to my predictions, no Sal in the finale. I hope they find him next season and try to bring him back to SCDP. Of course, American Tabacco is their *biggest* client, so that could create major problems.

Ok, the bad news is that now we settle into 8 or so months of waiting for the next season.The good news is that I can now go to bed at 10 pm on Sundays. Very good. Happy Christmas!
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... we drove there last Sunday, completely on a whim. Apart from being stuck in traffic for almost an hour and a half (!!!) on the way back, it was a pretty cool little outing. The kids got to work off some energy at a mega playground in Central Park, then we had dinner at some hole in the wall on upper East Side that said Coffee Shop on the outside but had a full menu and served delicious food (and only cost $50 for the 5 of us, so was reasonably priced, too).

Oh, and also at the mega playground in Central Park - this guy watching his own toddler. I remember him from my soap watching days of bed rest. So basically, with the horrible traffic and the random celebrity sighting, it was a complete NY experience.


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